Thank you for being by my side but time always have ways to end things. It's probably time to let go. Cheers for a better future.


Its almost october

Hey folks! How's everyone?? Sorry for the lack of updates. (Something I always say when I blog) I hope you guys still read this boring space.

I just realized my life style has changed quite a bit as I age. Used to really hate clubbing but here I am, going to clubs. Which is really funny coming to think of it. I still hate going to clubs but there's this really weirdly nice vibes pulling me in. Its like a love-hate relationship... I don't know. And as I age, I get lazier and lazier. Used to really love the morning sun and waking up early. Have no idea why but now I find myself in bed even at 3pm. Used to have a lot of hobbies too. I really loved taking pictures. Used to be so into photography. I'd rave about how good the 50mm lens are and how the bokehs would show in the details. Just thinking of all these things makes me really sad. Its part of growing which I do understand but there's always a part of me which wants to go back. The life I'm living right now is oddly boring, given the freedom I've been granted. It doesn't make life much more interesting that how it was. It just makes me develop more bad habits which are really hard to get rid of once they've settled in. And I have so much free time on my hands now since I'm not schooling at the moment. Never have I expected to see myself in this stage where I have to drop out of school and try to get my hands on something to do. Which I guess I have nobody but to blame but myself. All I can say is that I'm a slave to influences; good or bad. My will is so weak even though I'm a very determined person. But I guess that's life, just gotta strive harder. Gonna take it as a lesson learnt! As they always say, once bitten twice shy.

Just a few updates!
I've been given a few options for my future.
1. Go to Kaplan and pursue a diploma in Mass communications.
2. Go to the states to pursue a degree in Arts.

This is the hardest decision I have to make in my entire life. I wouldn't mind going to Kaplan but there will always be this "parent barrier".... My mom thinks that Kaplan isn't really established which leaves me with option 2. The states is so far away. And.... I have to make new friends. Probably will take me very long to settle down to the new environment and I probably have to speak like a blonde. :-( And it will take me a whole lot of courage to leave everyone I love behind. But I get to start anew... Hmmm. This shit is so nerve wrecking.............. On the side note, life has been pretty much ok nowadays.

And if you guys have any questions!
http://ask.fm/printingxdaisies :-)